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2019 Save The Dates

Find all the important dates leading up to tryouts for the 2019-20 Viper Volleyball

LISD Volunteer Application

All Volunteers Need to be LISD Approved - Please submit your application today! All volunteers (even booster volunteers) need to be LISD-approved. Fortunately, the approval process is quick and easy! Please contact Cheryl Anderson if you have any problems or questions.

8th Grade Parent Meeting Slides

2019 Volleyball Schedule

2019 Viper Volleyball Schedule

August 2019 Viper Volleyball Schedule (subject to change)

August 2019 Viper Volleyball Schedule (tentative)

2019 Summer Camp Registration

All athletes need to be signed up for Camp Viper (Strength and Conditioning Camp). This camp will focus on strength, injury prevention, speed, agility, and endurance; this year is the first year it is exclusively just girls run from 9:30-11:00 AM every Monday through Thursday for 7 weeks over the summer. Included in Camp Viper is Viper Skills. Viper Skills is every Monday and Wednesday from 11:00am-12:00pm, it will be an hour opportunity to work on volleyball skills with myself or VHS volleyball staff. This is a big UIL change from years past and we want to take full advantage of this! Team Camp July 29th-July 31st at VHS. This camp will be run by outside coaches and the girls need to be signed up for this, it is during the 3 days right before tryouts to work on all volleyball skills in preparation for tryouts that Thursday. 9th Camp June 17th – 20th at VHS. This camp is run by VHS staff and all 9th graders looking to try out for a team in August are encouraged to come. All incoming 9th graders are eligible to attend this camp as well as Team Camp, both are highly encouraged.

Team Store – Open April 19 thru May 19

VOLLEYBALL STORE -- Eastbay has created a store for our program that will run from 4/19 to 5/19. At a discounted price you can purchase Nike socks, spandex, kneepads, and volleyball shoes. For the exception of shoes and socks, if your daughter makes a team she can check out the other items. All the items are only suggestions if you’d like to purchase and they will be shipped directly to your house. ***I do not require a specific shoe for the girls, however, they need to be court shoes that are in SCHOOL COLORS. This is just a resource for you guys if you’d like to use it.

Action shots taken at games

Action Shots Taken at Games! We are fortunate to have Jim Parker not only contribute to our volleyball program, but he attends our games and takes amazing action photos of all the players. Be sure to check out his site to see if he captured your daughter in action!

2019-20 VB Booster Club Org Chart

2019-20 VB Booster Club Executive Committee Position Descriptions