JV Black beats Westwood

First touchdown of the game…Moore to Oliver 18 yards.  Muto’s extra point is good!  Gillespey & Abenayake sack the quarterback.  Dowdy for a 70 yard TD run through multiple tackles. Woche to Oliver for a 50 yard TD and great Oline blocking.  Muto with 2 more extra points -21 to 0. Moore to Oliver for an 8 yard TD catch & Oliver’s 3rd TD in first half.  Halftime 27 – 0.  Zermeno starts the second half with a56 yard kick return.  Dowdy 9 yard TD.  Great defense by the D-line & Gutierrez tackle for a 5 yard loss.  Kempema sack on 4th down.  Westwood fights back.  Munoz for an interception.  Perkins for a 30 yard run and another 15 and another 15.  Ten yards & a TD Murphy!!  Muto’s kick is good  41 to 0.  A sack by Harrison closes the game out.  Final 41 – 0.