JV Black Beats McNeil Mavs

JV Black started the game off quickly with a great 48 yard pass from Moore to Foral for a TD.  Collins had great blocking to help Floral.  7 to 0 Vipers.  Harrison had a nice sack.  Dowdy runs for a total of 45 yards for a TD.  14 to 0. Big D line play led by Gentry.  Moore with a 31 yard TD run and a big block by Collins.  Dowdy 50 yard TD run.  27 to 0.  Draeken 38 yard catch from Woche.  2 yard TD Roberts Perkins.  Woche to Murphy for a 2 point conversion.  35 to 0.  Big sack by Abenayake for this second of the game.  Dowdy 37 yard TD run.  Harrison big game at Defensive end.  42 to 0.  Roberts Perkins TD.  Oliver 37 yard TD from Woche.  55 to 0 final.