Welcome from our Superintendent

The Board of Trustees, administration, coaches and sponsors welcome you to Leander ISD. We appreciate your involvement and encouragement of our athletes, fine arts programs, and support groups.

Each student performing tonight has given many hours of dedicated practice to developing specific individual skills and talents. Leander ISD students involved in this event tonight have also learned important lessons about leadership, teamwork, and discipline. Our students should be proud of their commitment to meet the required academic standards and positive behaviors necessary to excel in extra-curricular activities.

Parents, coaches, and sponsors should be congratulated for their guidance that will enable our students to perform to their fullest potential. Leander ISD students and their actions reflect positively on their families, our schools, and the greater community.

Tremendous pride exists in Leander ISD. We have outstanding students, superior faculty members, wonderful facilities and a supportive community. Please join us in encouraging good conduct, spirited competition, support for game officials, and a sense of cooperation as you enjoy the finest youth our state has to offer.

Warmest regards,

Dan Troxell, Ph.D.
Leander ISD Superintendent